Project Details

Client: Kevin and Toni Talentino

Task: Landscaping, Koi pond, outdoor lighting, stone walls, seasonal color, pool, patio, pavilion, outdoor kitchen..

Executives: Mark

Kevin and Toni Talentino have been our loyal customers since 1998.  Our first project was to landscape their backyard and install a Koi pond and outdoor lighting system.  The back yard was a field of weeds.  The before picture shown was after we graded the weeds and dirt.  We installed the landscape and there is a pictures of the project when first completed before the plants had a chance to fill in.  The beautiful Koi pond picture was taken five years later and it won MALTA’s award of distinction.

Before Artistic Landscapes

Before Artistic Landscapes

We then terraced the front yard with stone walls, seasonal color and Japanese maples. We also installed an outdoor lighting system. The before and after pictures are shown.

In 2008 we removed the Koi pond and large deck behind the house and completely re-graded the back yard to install a pool, pavilion, outdoor kitchen and patio; this was done in the confined space of the initial Koi pond and behind the garage where a deck was. The pool was done by Atlantis Pools. The pavilion is cedar with stack stone columns, a cedar shake roof and a tongue and groove cedar shake ceiling. The Pavilion is raised 20 inches from the pool area.

An outdoor kitchen was installed behind the pavilion underneath the deck off the master bedroom. A raised porch was built in the back of the house with an arbor and sweeping stone steps. There is a two tier retaining wall behind the pool built to keep the Leyland Cypress intact from the previous landscape.

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