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Custom Landscaping with pool and outdoor lighting

Landscaping Should Reflect Your Lifestyle

Your backyard can be the perfect vacation retreat that you can enjoy 52 weeks a year. An investment in professional landscaping increases the value of your home, reduces stress and adds enjoyment to your everyday life. It can be enjoyed at all hours of the day, especially in the evenings when your home from work and on weekends. Work at home? Your outdoor living space can also serve as an office. Today’s technologies make it all possible.

Fescue Lawn

Fescue Lawn

Fescue is a fast growing turf grass that stays some shade of green year round. It looks its best fall through spring, but has problems trying to grow in hard soil or in full sunshine. It is usually planted from seed rather than grown from sod. ‘Kentucky 31’ is the original Fescue grass, but is…

Zoysia Lawn

Zoysia is a slow growing but extremely thick turf grass. Zoysia does best in full sun with a few varieties having good shade tolerance. A minimum of five hours of sunlight is required. The grass remains green spring through fall, and then changes to a golden-brown in winter. Because Zoysia roots grow slowly, establishment is…

Front Yard Bermuda Lawn

Bermuda Lawn

Bermuda is the most common front yard grass of homes in the $100,000+ price range. This is because it is the cheapest sod available and it can be sodded year round. Bermuda is a warm season grass. It is green during the summer and buff brown in winter. It grows best in full sun and…